My Super Expert 

For accountants and financial planners, self-managed super fund (SMSF) administration can be a burden that takes significant time away from core business activities. Many SMSF software options add considerable cost without offering sufficient value.

My Super Expert’s team of technically savvy accounting and finance professionals has a unique understanding of your business challenges. We provide an easy-to-use SMSF administration solution at a fraction of the cost, allowing Financial Planners and accountants to offer superior SMSF options without soaring admin fees.


Your SMSF Advantage

My Super Expert enables a more effective SMSF tool that cuts your administrative workload of SMSF management, compliance, taxation and reporting, freeing your time to guide your clients to better SMSF results. Meantime, you and your clients have direct 24/7 self-service access to view SMSF performance through an online dashboard featuring your own corporate branding.

My Super Expert’s intuitive financial dashboard gives users a graphical snapshot of their current SMSF portfolio status. It also offers simple and complex reporting functionality, with all SMSF performance criteria, activity and relevant information at your fingertips. Your decision making process is supported by the latest available information to achieve the most accurate results. Our fully integrated financial reporting system provides transparency, tangible efficiencies and cost benefits so that you can add greater value to your clients’ SMSF portfolio.

With proven SMSF administration experience, My Super Expert can enable you to engage in the issues that matter in making SMSF funds a successful tool for retirement planning.